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Steelhead-Cottages-12Whitewater Rafting

Bigfoot Rafting 530-629-2263

We have our very own rafting company right across the street. You will receive a $10 coupon when you stay with us at Steelhead Cottages. You can book your cabin and rafting trip at the same time!


Fishing on-site, on the property.



Boating at Trinity Lake

Massage/ Yoga

Fine Living – Francisca Steevensz, born in 1958 and raised in a Dutch-Indonesian household in the Netherlands, started over half a century ago being taught massage at a very young age, for the benefit of her ailing family members. She got introduced to yoga in her late teens, attended the B.K.S. Iyengar teacher training course in Amsterdam and started teaching group yoga classes in the eighties. An avid traveler throughout her life, she has had the opportunity to continue her massage education worldwide.

For info and/or bookings: or call 530-356-7600
California Massage Therapy Council, Cert. #33106

Massage Rates:
30 mins $60
45 mins $75
60 mins $90
75 mins $105
90 mins $120

1 x on site set up fee $40

For Yoga and The Eight Brocades Instruction:
30 mins $50 1-2 people
45 mins $70 1-4 people
60 mins $80 1-7 people